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please upload the 2012 TV-Series from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, i.e. Part I and II, from the fansubbing group SomeStuffs.

As mentioned with part 4 and 5, where we already have them on here, their subs are just superb. 

Chose to, again, rewatch the series and the difference between the subtitles is very noticable.

They got the BluRay version as well.

Also, they said they'd work on Part 6 when it's getting released in December as well, with a two week delay or so. I'd be very happy if we could have them on here as well, when that happens.
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It should be up now.
You can make a new topic or bump it up in Dec so I can find and upload them. I will surey forget that. smiley of sloppy
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