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Not currently reading but whenever I think of manga I think of one I read called Aion or something like that. It was by the same author as Karin. It was pretty interesting and, while it wasn't my favorite, I remember thinking it's good anime material. It was about mermaids becoming humans with some horrific powers or something like that and there was a romance element. Overall, it was somewhat strange.

When I used to read more manga, I found that the best manga (or at least the ones I thought were the best) were the ones that I liked the anime adaptation but the original source was a manga, and there was more to the story in the manga. Or, even better is that it was only a manga. Usually 7-10 volumes turned out to be great. Reading manga is a lot of fun when you find ones you like. Though for me it's hard to find manga. I know where to download anime, but not manga.