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I've been looking at the Aria anime series, but have a question about one of the seasons.

'Aria the Avvenire', according to Wikipedia and MAL consists of 3 episodes.  There is one episode on the website under 'Aria the Avvenire' < https://chauthanh.info/anime/view/aria-the-avvenire.html > and 2 under 'Aria the Avvenire OVA' < https://chauthanh.info/anime/view/aria-the-avvenire-oav.html > .  I can't find any references elsewhere to an 'Aria the Avvenire OVA', so do these 3 episodes from the two pages  together make up the 'Aria the Avvenire' season?
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Yes, the Avvenire season is just those OVAs. And I would say as a big time Aria fan they are terrible and not worth watching. The anime is incredible and I have watched it many times, but the Avvenire OVAs, which came out much later than the rest of the series, take the show in a sudden and seriously unpleasant direction inconsistent with the rest of the anime in my opinion.

But who knows, maybe that's just me. I never made it that far in the manga either so maybe that's how the story goes there and they were following it, whatever the case, I like to pretend they don't exist.
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Note: The Blu-ray boxes for each Aria TV series contained one episode of Aria the Avvenire each, for a total of three: the Aria the Animation box shipped with the first episode on 24.12.2015, the Aria the Natural box shipped with the second episode on 23.03.2016, and the Aria the Origination box shipped with the third episode on 24.06.2016. All three episodes were also shown at a special event on 26.09.2015.
From AniDB - you should be using it instead of MAL/WIKI for detailed info on anything anime-related.

as for why there are two different pages here for them, it is pretty simple. The group that did the first episode stopped after doing it and it took a couple of months for the other one(Doremi) to pick it up and sub the other two episodes, at which, the admin forgot to add the later two episodes under the same page as the first one, and made a new page for them
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I have just merged them together
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