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This site can't be beat for quality as well as quantity, and the ease of download is also great.  But because of that, I'm burning through storage space like there's no tomorrow.

In the last few years, I've switched to SSD's for my computers, but that's not workable for this type of storage.  So I'm going to switch over to hard disks and wanted to get input as to what other folks are using and doing.  I use Macs and I've had very good experience with Ministack hard drives from MacSales. I'm thinking of getting 2 10TB drives (one for backup).  They're 7200rpm with 208MB/s performance.

Does that look like a reasonable performance number, and is that a good size?  I've never bought this large of a drive before, and I know that having multiple drives reduces the amount of damage if there's failure, but the number of connections seems like it would be a mess.  Like I mentioned, I'll do an automatic onsite backup every night, and I have a service that will upload the data to the cloud for offsite backup.

What do you think, am I on the right track?
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Any 7200RPM drive will do just fine. I like the EasyStore drives by WD which are 7200RPM. I have a 4GB and a 5GB and they have worked great for years so far.

SSDs make a difference when you have to access a lot of files constantly, like for the operating system or playing a game. They maintain an active cache in dynamic files on the drive, SSD helps a lot because of that.

For storing and watching videos, the only difference you might notice is an HDD could be a second or two slower to open the video. Accessing files is an HDD weak point. When the video is opened, it gets buffered to memory - at this point SSD or HDD, it will play exactly the same.
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I saw some deals on Amazon, 14TB WD HDD comes at $300 smiley of ha ha ha sweetpot?
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Me, I have too much HD and every year I got 2 x 10TB...but I got a really great deal. Last year was only 150$ each. This year was 200.29$ each. ONLY Seagate for me. WD drive...I lost one and all content inside ...I was crying to find back and redw again. I was trying to repare myself and use some program where it's suppose to grab all your content and after formated it....never mind. Too long I'm stick again on seagate forever. I have hm...more than 10 drive with different TB. 

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I buy from there smiley of keke