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Hey all! 
I just got signed up so I figure I ought to introduce myself. I'm Crunchy. 
Big into anime and manga (I'd say Gurren Lagann and Jojo, specifically Steelball Run, are my favorites in each respectively. Does that make me basic?) and wound up here on my hunt for some vintage Tatsunoko series. Specifically Uchuu Ace, which I was struggling to find for the longest time. Seems like the trouble was worth it as it led me here and this place seems pretty cool. 
Looking forward to getting to know yall!
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smiley of ami bonjour2Welcome to the site. Our member maybe a little inactive in the forum but all of us enjoy anime/drama too. Hope you will have good time on our site too.
Got any problem? Contact me at once.email: admin[at]chauthanh[dot]info

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