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11-10-2010 23:32:38


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Better than downloading each song separately. Thanks!
29-10-2010 13:59:17


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Zip files much better and the speed is good Thank you smiley of keke
30-10-2010 10:20:49


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It Quick and faster...Thanx You.... smiley of hooray
30-10-2010 22:45:34


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Sweet! This helps a lot! No more spam clicking~ smiley of xx
30-04-2011 17:35:42


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the anime ost that i have serched for very long times . thx
09-02-2013 16:22:20


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Ican't do this.
I don't know how it works. Because when I first attempted to download it said I haven't any download points. After that i posted a comment, and I tried again. That time he asked me to paste the link to the box and press 'Get.' I did that, but I got the following message:
"This download link is in your listed link, please check it again!"

What link should I paste there then??
I tried this:

I can't do anything...
Didn't post any help, did you guys? smiley of hey

But everything's fine, I solved the problem. I think there was a connetcion error yesterday. Today it worked. I don't know what happened yesterda though... : (

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