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As I noticed the log file, I've seen some page of "Error occoured" and some premium links was made and can't be used. I think I will have to explain things here:

----You can contact me at email khuongcomputer[at]gmail[dot]com or Y!M khuongse----

1. If you're browsing the page and get an Error occoured page or blank page, no problem, refresh the page and it will turn out normal.
But if you got "This file is not available.", that's mean the file is not on the server, refresh the page will do nothing.

2. Make sure you refresh serveral times, if you got Error page again, post in the forum or contact me for help, and please post the link to the error page.

3. Yesterday, animeOST section got problem showing list of files in albums. But no one noticed me. That's fixed anyway.
So next time, if something like that happen, please contact me, by forum or directly by mail or Y!M.

4. I must say this: when making premium link, use the link begin with http://chauthanh.info/animeDownload/..., not with http://eri.chauthanh.info/ -> that's the download link on eri server, not the download link from the page. So in this case you will waste your point. Be careful next time.

If you have any question, feel free to ask, and you should check out FAQ page for useful information.
Got any problem? Contact me at once.email: admin[at]chauthanh[dot]info

Register and login before downloading!
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OMG I should have read this. wasted 2 pts alrdy
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That was very helpful. Thx
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