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08-07-2009 11:42:17


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It's very nice and loads faster too.
Two whines that applied to the old site as well:

There is no information indicating the size of files.
There is no indication when one is looking at the "regular" anime listing or the complete one. Very confusing.

Those are small gripes though. This site is wonderful.
08-07-2009 18:00:26


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not bad. it is more clear than the last one
12-07-2009 01:43:38


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i like it very much...
thankz for your hardwork....
i will support this site....
13-07-2009 20:12:47


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Hey, Admin! I have to say the site's new look is definitely nice. I like the color and its more convenient to use.
14-07-2009 03:44:42


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sorry .. but i dont really like the image ..
i think better put some manly image .. =D
15-07-2009 05:32:51


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yes i like it
it more awesome than the previous one
plus it more comfortable to use!!!

thanks n keep up the good job
15-07-2009 21:43:55


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Well, the skin is nice, and I do appreciate the work that went into it. However, since it's been changed, the site regularly freezes my browser, and opens multiple duplicates of itself and I have to shut down and start over. I use IE on Vista.
15-07-2009 22:09:22



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Which URL is crashing your browser? What IE version are you using? Did you try switching to Firefox or Opera or Safari?
I sometimes use IE8 on Windows7 to browse the site and don't get any troubles.
If you need further assistant, contact me by mail/PM or YM will be faster.
Got any problem? Contact me at admin[at]chauthanh[dot]info

Register and login before downloading!
16-07-2009 00:54:08

diavolo blu

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After a few week of hiatus, it's pleasant surprise to find a major upgrade to the site. I do think this new style is better but do miss the convenience of a dedicated log in/out button like in the last one...

And there seems to be a problem when one try editing one's post in the forum. The changes cannot be saved. Keeps on telling you yo log in, don't know what happen. If one is not logged in, how can one even access the edit page? Or maybe it's just me and my com? I'm using the latest version of Firefox, by the way... is it not compatible?
"Enlightenment is finding that there is nothing to find. Enlightenment is to come to know that there is nowhere to go. Enlightenment is the understanding that this is all, that this is perfect, that this is it." ~ Osho
19-07-2009 06:51:45


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Looks great and it's great! It'll be even better if a login panel at the top right hand site is added =)

But kind of miss the bar at the bottom...
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20-07-2009 17:37:00


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Wow... I like it, very refreshing and cool.
02-08-2009 10:32:35


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i love the new seem really nice to me....admin sure very creative in developing the new attractive site...this new style boost my mood...
27-08-2009 00:24:24


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Wow it's really nice thanks for the hard work admin
19-12-2009 14:34:19


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your a genius!smiley of yai

really love your site, and you had become my idolsmiley of lalala
20-12-2009 16:25:02


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You are my everything admin-sama
06-09-2010 10:18:23


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i havent seen the old stile, bot these stile is cool, an i love it,
thanks for the hard work
06-09-2010 12:57:03



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Admin ^^ can i know you use what soft to create your site? like microsoft expression web or adobe dreamweaver? Or other solutions ?

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