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12-05-2009 14:48:00


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hohooo....more space, more good, more anime n more, more, more
nggg...why my download point became (-) minus, hmm... wht's up..???

Megaupload premium link generator is down,,it's been 3 day now .when it will works , I hope it be operational soon^_^
17-06-2009 08:14:50


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hi admin,

yesterday i can download anime as usual but today cant download any of it...the browse say file not found...

I tried few times but also failed, is that server problem or else?
17-06-2009 08:43:23


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Same thing happened to me,
can't download from eri server today.
I thougt i was banned,
so i click this, but it's only a blank page.
smiley of nothing
17-06-2009 08:43:41


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It is not offline...smiley of keke
Click to view image at true resolution
17-06-2009 09:58:58



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Yes, it was... it's been auto-shut down for 4-5 hours last night.
I am looking through the log files to see what happened.
Got any problem? Contact me at admin[at]chauthanh[dot]info

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