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We will have our new 2TB drive install today and I will begin uploading the drama which was on server #1. 

Guess that we will be able to upload around 50-100 drama series per week, so please be patient. 
Drama with request will be in higher priority. I will reply in their respective topic when it's uploaded. But make sure to check up the folder in case of my forgetfulness. 

Hope that you will continue to support us  and a big thank to our members 
Got any problem? Contact me at once.email: admin[at]chauthanh[dot]info

Register and login before downloading!
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Thank you! Looking forward to repopulating the drama series. I was beginning to wonder about the future of your drama collection. Wishing you much success in rebuilding your servers.
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wanted to download FugohKeiji 2 and Jikou Keisatsu , but there is nothing in the folder??? How come??? That's with most of the other DRAMA tooo....