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Hello our members, it's been long since we have troubles with our server but this time we have a big down time and issue.
Our oldest files server has been down for several days, as many of our members has notice, and many series has been left with empty file list.

I didn't expect it will be fixable and back online, so I have prepare upgrade to reupload the missing files to our newest server #4. Guess it's time for it to retire after 7 years of service.

The server #1 store most of our drama and anime. Luckily our anime have their files on server #4 already so not many anime series will be affected. But not our drama. 
So, if you have a favorite drama and it's missing in our list, please request a reupload. It will take times to reupload all of our missing drama but please bear with us.

I will have a new 4TB hard drive install on our #4 server soon to make space for the reupload, so maybe we will have to increase our donation goal a little in the next month.

So please support us as always (by donation, refer your friends, like our page on Facebook...). And I would like to give a big thanks to all of our members who helped our site to be alive all these years. 

If you have any question or want a reupload, please make a thread in the request forum. I will update at once if there're any other news.
Got any problem? Contact me at once.email: admin[at]chauthanh[dot]info

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It's great to see that you are finally able to post an update. Thanks smiley of leisure

Keep us updated!smiley of yai
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Thank you for the update and your hard work.! smiley of Dancing