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1. I downloaded .part files, but WiRAR can't exact them. I tried changing and remove the .part on the file name but no help, what should I do?

You just need to find the link on every download page and click it.

Click to view image at true resolution

2. I want to request anime/drama in small sizes.

Sorry but we don't support or re-encode anime/drama. And please don't ask us to store re-encoded version from another site. We only store 480p/720p or 1080p from the fansubs themselves. Take blame on your slow internet connection won't help, as with a 2Mbps connection you can download a 300MB 480p file in 20-30 minutes. Downloading one episode while watching another downloaded one is acceptable manner.

3. I got 509 error and it said I should post in the forum.

Yes you should, but please do so after 24 hoursIn most case the file will be back after several hours, so please be patience.

4. I want to request for a anime/drama / I want to request for reupload of an episode

You're more than welcome to request for anime/drama. But please notice these:

- Do not put your request on chatbox. It will be washed away in the heat of the day.

- You should search for Japanese (Romaji) and English name of the show. Please make a google search for it.
- Search for part of series name. For example if you're looking for Akame ga Kiru, you should search for "Akame" or "Kiru" first.
If you can't find the series you want, please make a thread, but please put the thread title as clearly as possible.

For example: [Anime] Request for Akame ga kiru or [Anime] Multiple requests is also acceptable.
Putting your thread title as "Request" or "I want to make a request" will gave us a lot of trouble if I want to update "finished" status to the thread after I have updated it.

If you're requesting for an episode, please do the same as requesting a series.
For example: [Anime] Request for Akame ga Kiru episode 10

Put the whole link of the series/episode on title will be marked as spam and get your topic deleted.

5. It said I have used up my connection.

There are several causes of this error:
- You've already downloading another file from our server.
- You've just finished downloading a file and the connection is not served yet. If so please wait for 5 minutes and try again.
- The files servers have problem and have been down. Please check the series page to see if the files have disappeared or not. If they have, please wait until the servers are back or having more update from me.
If the files are missing from the beginning, assume that they're "lost". Please make a thread to request reuploading.

If you have any other questions, please reply this topic.
Got any problem? Contact me at once.email: admin[at]chauthanh[dot]info

Register and login before downloading!
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y i am unable to download drama?
06-10-2015 09:35:53

White Goddess

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I haven't been here in a long time. Are we not allowed to download anime ost anymore, or have I just totally forgotten how to do it?
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how to check the Kdrama's that have been uploaded recently?
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min can i request (Kdrama): The Thorn Birds (2011), Goodbye Dear Wife (2012)
(Twdrama): Drunken To Love You 2011Love Keeps Going 2011
17-05-2017 05:23:04


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I'm Having trouble with the Simu.smi subtitle files for the Vampire Princess Miyu Series & OVA. I Can't work out what language they are in and what can be used to convert to SRT or ASS files
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I would like to request K-drama:
Maids (2014)
Episodes: 20
Aired: Dec 12, 2014 to Mar 28, 2015
Drama, Historical, Romance

Also Known as: Hanyeodeul; House Maids; Servants

Thanks in advance