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I would like to give my big Thanks to all of our members, who have supported us for a long long time since the day our site is up and running. 

We have our new files server arrived today, and I am installing needed softwares and configure the networking. We will see our new server soon and I will update all missing series as requested. Sorry for the delay all this time.

Even though the new server cost ~$1000 (cheap deal), and we have x24 slot for HDD, but I can only afford 2x1TB for now. So we will begin with 2TB of space and adding more as we grow.  So, I will need all of your guys help by supporting us (donation, introduce us to your friend, share us on facebook...). I will increase the donation target next month (around $50 only), so please help us fullfill our goal as you have done before 

From now on, all files bigger than 300MB will be place on server #4, and files smaller will be place on #3 to make sure least file split possible.

Sorry for the delay updates and the problem with files server #2, and hope that you will continue to support us for a long time
Got any problem? Contact me at once.email: admin[at]chauthanh[dot]info

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i like the new interface.... smiley of hixhix
14-12-2013 12:48:57


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Ooh i was busy yesterday that i have no time to open this site.. when i open this site my drama has just uploaded.. oooh thank you soo much..

And i want to donat.. how could i do it ? Because i never buy with credit card sorry that i don't know how.. hehehe.. i click donate and i see paypal there.  I dont have paypal.. can i just use my credit card ? And how i could do it ? Thank you so much admin..
21-12-2013 00:18:27


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hello admin
how are you ?
long time no see smiley of keke
thanks for all your hard work smiley of keke
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We will keep supporting Chautanh smiley of I am so cool and the new interface really nice smiley of kizz
25-05-2014 04:31:47


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it seems to be this site has touched its demand....
still need more k-series than others.....
plzzzz admin..