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Yup, at the end of March 2013, we have got more than 100 million downloads:
Latest anime: 8.152.672
Anime downloads: 62.103.837
Anime ost: 5.586.494
Drama downloads: 31.585.731
Manga downloads: 1.429.858

And the number is increasing by second

I would like to say thanks to all of our members, donors and fansubber have supported our site for the last 6 years.

We will keep the work and providing more and more anime. so please continue to help us alive and sharing many more anime :comehere:

In the last couple of months, I have been working on my next PHP framework and created a new forum+download system, which I will use for a new site which providing Vietnamese subbed anime, in the next month.
Thus we will update our site to this version as well (of course with new/different design)
Some of screenshots:
Click to view image at true resolution

Click to view image at true resolution

Some of expected features will be available are anime uploads (torrent/direct/freehosters files suggest) and a brand new forum system with full-fledged features.

But I will have to assume that we won't update for 3-4 months next until I have finished everything (well, I am a little lazy these days).

Once again, thanks for your supports I will do our best to keep our site alive and kicking
Got any problem? Contact me at once.email: admin[at]chauthanh[dot]info

Register and login before downloading!
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You did great! keep up your heat smiley of keke
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You're awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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Thanks to you !!!

smiley of yai
smiley of keke
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Incredible stats! Can't wait for the new site version :blush:
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Keep it up admin !!! :wowow:

but why the screenshot in Thai ?? lol smiley of bigsmile
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This is Awesome! thank you so much admin! smiley of keke
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Thats amazing keep it up!
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Your screenshot show site in different language. Hope you can maintain language site in English, we are from global world. Do not limit your site just for Vietnam people.
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You got 100 million simply because you're the BEST!!
Thanks for all your hard work^___^