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Hello everyone, that's the end of a year, and we have another year coming. :argue:

And even though we had many problems last year, please continue to support us in the new year too

Happy new year 2013 everyone, and hope you'll get many new happinesses and lucks in
Got any problem? Contact me at once.email: admin[at]chauthanh[dot]info

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smiley of illcast smiley of illcast smiley of illcast
smiley of hey smiley of hey smiley of hey
happy new year admin-sama... smiley of kizz
happy new year minna-san... smiley of slept
wish the best for all of us... smiley of charm
smiley of bye
01-01-2013 07:53:41


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Happy new year 2013 to the Admin & all members!
01-01-2013 08:52:09


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Akemashite Omedetou-gozaimasu, admin-san, minna-san!
(Happy New Year to admin and everyone!)

smiley of newyear1smiley of newyear2smiley of newyear3smiley of newyear
01-01-2013 09:42:48


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Happy new year! Wishing next year a great one as well!
01-01-2013 15:56:03


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Happy new year to you, too.
This site is awesome, keep up the fantastic work smiley of yai

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And happy new Year to all members, i wish you lots of fun next year. smiley of I am so cool
08-01-2013 03:49:25


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AHhhhhh New image on the top?
Weeell anyway!
Happy new year!
You can`t withstand my beauty! smiley of newyear
12-01-2013 00:38:19


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okay i know it's too late smiley of bigsmile

but i really wish you all a very good year full of great anime smiley of I am number 1

and i wish the best to Chauthanh too

and of course i hope 2013 will bring peace to my country Syria