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I have just put a little refresh on the site's layout. If you didn't see it yet, press ctrl f5 so the new layout will load. It's still not the last layout change for our site, as I will be more than happy to have all of our members to review and give their opinions for our new outfit

After xMas, I will put effort into re-moderating and integrating more features to our site (well anime, manga and drama are updated hourly automatically so I guess it's no use to say "adding more anime" )

Hope you guys like it
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honto arigatou admin-sama...
smiley of charm smiley of charm smiley of charm
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don't like this... ="= too simple... ="= the old is better... maybe... ="=
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Didn't know the layout changed after reading the news. Well, I think it looks a bit better than the old one. Good work Admin smiley of I am number 1
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Good Job admin!! smiley of I am number 1

Looking forward for the next gift by you, hehe smiley of leisure

Fighting! smiley of hooray
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aaaahhh kawaii admin-saaaan smiley of xx smiley of xx smiley of xx