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22-09-2013 10:20:09


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Hunter X Hunter -the new arc, continuation of long long time ago^^

and gonna start to watch Rave, now..
03-12-2013 06:16:27


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I dont go by the seasons,,,mostly by my mood ,,,,some animes i dont feel like watching at first and then after a few months i watch them...currently i am watching Phantom-requeium,,,super natural,, bleach,,,sekai ichi,,,and some here and there

Yeah me too. Currently i am hooked at Log Horizon.
If all the rain drops are lemon drops and gum drops, oh what a rain that would be.
29-01-2014 19:03:10


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I'm currently watching Samurai Flamenco, it's the weirdest one I've watched in a long time, if I wasn't curious about how it would turn out, I would've dropped it by now.
08-02-2014 01:19:40


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I'm marathoning Detective Conan, I'm currently at the end of Cell Phone Arc aka 425
04-04-2015 10:40:23


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I'm now watching Inuyasha - The Final Act. I love it, I think it's worth to watch.
Hi everyone!

My name is Androsama and I'm from Hungary. I really love anime, manga and J-drama. I love writting fanfictions, reading books/mangas/fanfictions, window-shopping, watching doramas/tv-shows/animes, surfing on the internet, listening to music. 

My native-language is Hungarian, but I can speak English, German and a little bit Japanese too. So, that's me. ^^
24-10-2018 16:44:35


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Currently watching Captain Tsubasa 2018 and Fairy Tail 2014 season
30-06-2022 17:01:44


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Watching Kingdom S3 and Kimetsu no Yaiba: yuukaku-hen
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