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Many questions about "how to download from our site", so, even it's a bit late though, I made this small topic to advise some simple step to download from our site

At first, we will need to find what we want to download and locate the file name. I will use Anime latest section for this example.
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We found some Yosuga no sora episode, and then will click on the file name we want to download.

We will be leaded to another page, with [Click here to download] link.
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Copy the link by right click -> Copy address

It's simple as Add the copied link to your IDM or Flashget or any download manager you use.
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"Download Info" window should be like this, with information about file's size.
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You can choose to download at once, or queuing it for later download.

And don't forget to limit your connection to 1 so every one can share the joy
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And what if you're a donor?
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Just highlight the links you want to download, and with IDM, a small button like this will shown. Click on it and you will be ready for queuing downloading. (with older version of IDM, you can right click on the highlight and choose "Download with IDM", it's the same. Flashget and FDM should have the same function applied.)
Much easier huh

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Then it's queuing time

Using a download manager is recommended for smooth downloading. If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact me at once, any means accepted

And please support our site more and more so we will supply you with much much anime/manga/drama
Got any problem? Contact me at once.email: admin[at]chauthanh[dot]info

Register and login before downloading!
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It be probably be best to also put a link to this in the FAQ
Click to view image at true resolution
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thanks.... smiley of hey
I can download now....... smiley of keke
30-04-2011 20:52:25

erica Z

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Thanks so much for ur help & guidelines! It's very useful! am using flashget but seems so slow... please assist me. Tq again
06-06-2011 12:58:22

Emma Cruz

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Thanks! Now I understand more clearly! and i will use Internet Download Manager from now on!

07-06-2011 18:35:06


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Wow . .
IDM can use on this way . .
thanks for your guidelines . .
now i understand more clearly . .
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Thank you sooo---->oo much!!! It really helped me. Before I would just click the download link and it only downloaded the url link so that didn't work. I even copy and paste the file name to the megaupload manager and that didn't work. This is great! I'm a visualize person and the pics helped a bunch. The instructions are so easy and simple, that a person who ain't good at computers understood it (talking about me).
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Thanks you Admin for the hard work smiley of charm
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thanks for the tutorial on how to download using IDM, i really appreciate it.
30-11-2012 21:03:42


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thanks for the tutorial
25-01-2013 05:17:42


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how about using JDownloader?
18-05-2013 12:26:33


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thank you for the tips. But for my idm I cannot highlight and choose "Dowmload with idm" option because it will straight dl html file. I still need to open link by link. Btw I'm using 6.15 version
25-11-2013 06:02:12


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No button pops out for my selected links!smiley of ghost