image of drama Yoru ga Dorehodo Kurakutemo (2020) [JDRAMA]

Yoru ga Dorehodo Kurakutemo (2020) [JDRAMA]

Michinari Shiga works as a deputy-editor for weekly magazine Shukan Jiryu, whose sales have risen due to scoops on numerous scandals. He lives the life of a journalist with integrity, until his own university-aged son, murders a couple, then himself. Instead of chasing after scandals, Shiga now finds himself at the centre of one. His situation is now desperate, as fellow journalists hound him, he’s demoted to a monthly magazine and his relationship with his wife is quickly deteriorating. But Shiga is determined to expose the truth behind his son’s case.
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~~ Adapted from the novel of the same name by Shichiri Nakayama.

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Also known as: No Matter How Dark the Night is

Genres: SuspenseDrama

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