image of drama Yagyu Chronicles [JDRAMA]

Yagyu Chronicles [JDRAMA]

Two groups are after the legendary Yagyu Secret Scrolls. A princess of a disgraced clan and her loyal servant want it to clear their family’s name. And a rival clan wants it to destroy the Yagyu family. Only master swordsman, Yagyu Jubei stands in their way. What is the secret that is hidden away in the scrolls?

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Genres: HistoryAction

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The Yagyu Conspiracy (1978) [JDRAMA]

One of the most memorable roles for Sonny Chiba was his portrayal of Yagyu Jubei, the one-eyed master swordsman who helped protect Shogun Iemitsu during the early days of Japan's 17th Century. The Yagyu Clan under Jubei's father Yagyu...