image of drama Word of Honor (2021) [CDRAMA]

Word of Honor (2021) [CDRAMA]

In order to leave the assassin organization The Window of Heaven, the leader Zhou Zi Shu performs an obligatory departure technique, leaving him with three years left to live. He disguises his face and tries to live the remainder of his days as a drunkard wandering the martial arts world.
Three months later, he meets the mysterious Wen Ke Xing, who immediately notices Zhou Zi Shu’s façade. The two then grow closer when they get entangled in a conspiracy regarding the Glazed Armor, a protected legendary key to a powerful armory.
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~~ Adapted from the novel "Faraway Wanderers" (天涯客) by Priest.

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Also known as: Tian Ya Ke, Faraway Wanderers, 天涯客, Shan He Ling, A Tale of the Wanderers, Shanhe Ling, Word of Honour

Genres: MysteryWuxiaFantasyPolitical

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Word.of.Honor.2021.E33.WEB-DL.4k.H265.10bit.AAC-HDCTV.mp4 6 1.7GB
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Word.of.Honor.2021.E35.WEB-DL.4k.H265.10bit.AAC-HDCTV.mp4 6 1.8GB
Word.of.Honor.2021.E36.WEB-DL.4k.H265.10bit.AAC-HDCTV.mp4 6 1.4GB
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