image of drama Winds Of September (2008) [TWDRAMA]

Winds Of September (2008) [TWDRAMA]

The "Winds of September" are the wind of Hsinchu, a strong wind that visits the county and city between September and November. Lin Shu Yu′s semi auto-biographical debut, produced by Eric Tsang, takes us back to 1996, during the time of the tragic Taiwan baseball scandal, an event that devastated many teenage boys. The story follows Yen and Tang and their gang through the last year of their high school life. From chasing girls to midnight skinny dipping to rooting for their favorite baseball team, they do everything together. When an accident throws Yen into a coma, their world starts falling apart.

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Also known as: Jiu Jiang Feng, Gau Gong Fung, 九降风

Genres: LifeYouthDrama

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image of drama The Kingdom Of The Winds (2008) [KDRAMA]

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image of drama Windstruck (2004) [KDRAMA]

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