image of drama Will You Be There (2016) [KDRAMA]

Will You Be There (2016) [KDRAMA]

Soo Hyun comes across magical pills that allow him to go back and forth in time. 30 years earlier, a young Soo Hyun meets his future self and learns that his girlfriend will soon die because of him. In order to save her, the two Soo Hyuns try to change the past, but a completely new and unexpected past is formed, which leads to a new future.
(Source: KoBiz)
~~ Adapted from the novel "Will You Be There?" (Seras-tu là ?) by Guillaume Musso.

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Also known as: Will You Be There For Me?, You, Will You Be There For Me?, Dangshin Geogi Iteojoorraeyo

Genres: RomanceDramaSci-FiMelodrama

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