image of drama When Its At Night - Night after Night [KDRAMA]

When Its At Night - Night after Night [KDRAMA]

Cho Hee is a member of the Cultural Relic Control Team at the Cultural Heritage Administration. She chose her career path because of her dad, who was a grave robber. He left saying that he′d quit after he finished his last job but has been missing since then.
In hopes of finding her dad, Cho Hee decides to join the Control Team. She meets Bum Sang while she′s working on the Control Team. He′s an ancient art appraiser and restoration expert and is excellent at his job, handsome, and humble. At least he seems it until you really get to know him.
Cho Hee and Bum Sang start bickering as they run into each other more and more. Are they bickering, or are they falling in love?
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Also known as: Everyday Night, When Night Comes, Night After Night

Genres: MysteryComedyRomance

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