image of drama Warm and Cozy (2015) [KDRAMA]

Warm and Cozy (2015) [KDRAMA]

A man and a woman hit by setbacks and spurned by lovers meet one another on Jeju Island. The woman needs time to nurse her wounds after her career and relationship implode. The man is still smarting from a bad relationship that has closed his heart.  When together, they become themselves again, warm and friendly. Neither too hot nor cold.
This is about two people recovering from their life troubles to bring warmth back into their lives. Kun Woo is following in the footsteps of the Great Gatsby, who was hopelessly in love with Daisy and sacrificed everything. But then Kun Woo faces an obstacle in pursuing his love interest. It′s time for him to make a stand. He will save Daisy from all of her troubles. As he finds himself inextricably linked with a blunt and coarse woman who has no idea what true love is, he finds that he has a soft spot for her. Warm and mild...
(Source: MBC)

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Also known as: Jejudo Gaetsubi, 제주도 개츠비, Maendorong Ttottot, Agreeably Warm, Jejudo Gatsby, Jeju Island Gatsby

Genres: FoodComedyRomance

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