image of drama War Of Money (2007) [KDRAMA]

War Of Money (2007) [KDRAMA]

Geum Na Ra is a ruthless private moneylender. Seo Joo Hee is a righteous woman. When problems with her family′s debts arise, Joo Hee was supposed to marry a divorced man to solve her family′s financial problems. But on the day of the wedding, Geum Na Ra shows up to collect the debts and ends up ruining her plans. Joo Hee vows to take her revenge on him but she falls in love with him instead.
Ha Woo Sung, also a moneylender, is a handsome young man who seems to have no worries in life. He and Geum Na Ra are rivals, in business and in love. Lee Cha Yeon is a money banker.
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~~ Adapted from the manhwa “War of Money” (쩐의 전쟁) by Park Yi Kwon (박인권).

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Also known as: War of Money, Jjeonui Jeonjaeng

Genres: BusinessRomance

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