image of drama Uso Koi (2001) [JDRAMA]

Uso Koi (2001) [JDRAMA]

A story about a woman from China who forges her way to Japan by pretending to be someone′s wife. When the man is to marry his fiance, he finds out that he is married (someone forged their way into the registry). Now Nakai Kiichi tries to do what he can to make sure the woman tells the truth and admit to authorities that he is not married.

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Also known as: Love From a Lie

Genres: ComedyRomance

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ウソコイ EP01 720p x264 AAC-DoA.mkv 3 997.8MB
ウソコイ EP02 720p x264 AAC-DoA.mkv 3 902.7MB
ウソコイ EP03 720p x264 AAC-DoA.mkv 3 924.1MB
ウソコイ EP04 720p x264 AAC-DoA.mkv 3 961.8MB
ウソコイ EP05 720p x264 AAC-DoA.mkv 3 961.8MB
ウソコイ EP06 720p x264 AAC-DoA.mkv 3 969.6MB
ウソコイ EP07 720p x264 AAC-DoA.mkv 3 1GB
ウソコイ EP08 720p x264 AAC-DoA.mkv 3 812.7MB
ウソコイ EP09 720p x264 AAC-DoA.mkv 3 905MB
ウソコイ EP10 720p x264 AAC-DoA.mkv 3 942.8MB
ウソコイ EP11 End 720p x264 AAC-DoA.mkv 3 875.3MB

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