image of drama Untouchable Lovers (2018) [CDRAMA]

Untouchable Lovers (2018) [CDRAMA]

Tianji Tower, the leading organisation of the pugilistic world (jianghu) is determined to overthrow Liu Ziye, the tyrannical ruler of the Liu Song dynasty. To achieve their mission, Tianji Tower replaces his sister Liu Chuyu with their own disciple and Princess-lookalike Zhu Que. Zhu Que meets the Princess’ learned companion Rong Zhi, who turns out to be a spy from Northern Wei.
Liu Chuyu and Rong Zhi’s relationship eventually breaks down over misunderstandings and differing loyalties, and the latter fakes his death in order to regain Chuyu’s forgiveness. Then Liu Chuyu as her memories erased by imperial astrologer and Rong Zhi gets his mind wiped. They meet five years later when Chuyu is sent to marry Northern Wei’s Prince regent, who is none other than the now Rong Zhi.

Also known as: Feng Qiu Huang, Phoenix Imprisoning Phoenix, The Tale of Two Phoenixes, 鳳囚凰, Huang Feng Prison, The Phoenix Prison

Genres: Historical, Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy, Melodrama

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Untouchable.Lovers.E21.1080p-lk.mkv 5 917.2MB
Untouchable.Lovers.E22.1080p-lk.mkv 5 781.7MB
Untouchable.Lovers.E23.1080p-lk.mkv 5 875.7MB
Untouchable.Lovers.E24.1080p-lk.mkv 5 962MB
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Untouchable.Lovers.E28.1080p-lk.mkv 5 909.2MB
Untouchable.Lovers.E29.1080p-lk.mkv 5 883.3MB
Untouchable.Lovers.E30.1080p-lk.mkv 5 953.5MB
Untouchable.Lovers.E31.1080p-lk.mkv 5 798.2MB
Untouchable.Lovers.E32.1080p-lk.mkv 5 831.5MB
Untouchable.Lovers.E33.1080p-lk.mkv 5 881.8MB
Untouchable.Lovers.E34.1080p-lk.mkv 5 855.8MB
Untouchable.Lovers.E35.1080p-lk.mkv 5 954.5MB
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Untouchable.Lovers.E38.1080p-lk.mkv 5 829.3MB
Untouchable.Lovers.E39.1080p-lk.mkv 5 931MB
Untouchable.Lovers.E40.1080p-lk.mkv 5 1008.1MB
Untouchable.Lovers.E41.1080p-lk.mkv 5 815.4MB
Untouchable.Lovers.E42.1080p-lk.mkv 5 853.5MB
Untouchable.Lovers.E43.1080p-lk.mkv 5 961.4MB
Untouchable.Lovers.E44.1080p-lk.mkv 5 867MB
Untouchable.Lovers.E45.1080p-lk.mkv 5 841.2MB
Untouchable.Lovers.E46.1080p-lk.mkv 5 866.5MB
Untouchable.Lovers.E47.1080p-lk.mkv 5 886.8MB
Untouchable.Lovers.E48.1080p-lk.mkv 5 848.8MB
Untouchable.Lovers.E49.1080p-lk.mkv 5 781.4MB
Untouchable.Lovers.E50.1080p-lk.mkv 5 850.8MB
Untouchable.Lovers.E51.1080p-lk.mkv 5 944.7MB
Untouchable.Lovers.E52.END.1080p-lk.mkv 5 995.2MB
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