image of drama Touch (2005) [JDRAMA]

Touch (2005) [JDRAMA]

Tian Na is a normal high school girl until the school's most handsome guy, Jie, confesses to her. For their first date, Jie brings her to a space-time video store and suddenly disappears on their way home. Tina's necklace that she has been wearing since she was young also disappears, leaving Tina with only a card that says, "Game Start". In order to find Jie and her necklace, she goes on a journey under the guidance of Yu Zao Chuan, a man she found at the video store who claims to be her handsome deacon. He tells her, "In order to find Jie, you need to complete the contracts of 10 deacons."

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Also known as: Untouchable, Nan Shen Zhi Shi Tuan, Naam San Jap Si Tuen, Male God Deacons Team, 男神执事团

Genres: MysteryVampireRomanceDramaFantasy

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image of drama Touch Your Heart (2019) [KDRAMA]

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image of drama Untouchable (2017) [KDRAMA]

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