image of drama The Queen of Office 2014 [KDRAMA]

The Queen of Office 2014 [KDRAMA]

You Dongdong is a standard "diaosi" man (a young male of mediocre appearance and social standing). It follows his journey as he chases back his girlfriend, a "baifumei" (a woman with both wealth and looks).

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Genres: RomanceComedy

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image of drama The Queen of SOP (2012) [CDRAMA]

The Queen of SOP (2012) [CDRAMA]

Lin Xiao Jie is a low level employee in the sales department of the mall. She has been working hard to achieve her dreams and met with Tom through the internet. The two of them, one in London and one in Taipei became close friends giving each other...

image of drama Attack The Gas Station 2 [KDRAMA]

Attack The Gas Station 2 [KDRAMA]

It all starts with a bike gang attacking a gas station. To protect his business the boss decides to hire men that are capable of fighting, accepting even ex-convicts. But it all takes a U turn when the new hired men decide to rebel and manage the...

image of drama The Package (2017) [KDRAMA]

The Package (2017) [KDRAMA]

Yoon So So leaves on a trip to Europe with her boyfriend she met in college despite her parents’ disapproval, dreaming of a romantic journey. A few years later, her boyfriend heartlessly comes back to Korea alone, leaving So So behind. So So...

image of drama Dating in the Kitchen (2020) [CDRAMA]

Dating in the Kitchen (2020) [CDRAMA]

Working at the Zijing Hotel, Gu Sheng Nan was an underestimated commis inside the kitchen, but she was free to express herself through her food as she sharpened her skills as a chef.  To make matters worse, an unfortunate misunderstanding lands her...