image of drama The Man From Nowhere (2010) [KDRAMA]

The Man From Nowhere (2010) [KDRAMA]

Cha Tae Shik leads a quiet life running a pawnshop. His only friend is a little girl, So Mi, who lives next door. So Mi's mother, Hyo Jeong, is a heroin addict. One day, Hyo Jeong decided to steals drugs from a feared organized crime group. Crime lord Oh Myung Gyu sent his subordinates, brothers Man Seok and Jong Seok to retrieve the drugs from Hyo Jeong. They then kidnap her and So Mi. Tae Shik sets off to rescue them.

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Also known as: Ahjeosshi, Nowhere Man, Ahjussi, Ajeossi, Ajeosshi

Genres: ActionSuspenseThrillerCrimeDramaMature

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