image of drama The Lost Tomb (2015) [CDRAMA]

The Lost Tomb (2015) [CDRAMA]

The group of heroes are pulled into another tomb-raiding expedition that takes them beneath the sea. In an ancient Ming Dynasty ship, they encounter monstrous creatures and puzzling traps.
Wu Xie opens the box that he obtained from the Seven Star Coffins of Lu Wang's Palace to discover a snake-bowed copper fish. Wu Sansheng recounts the strange occurrences over ten years ago when they went on an archaeological expedition to Paracel Islands. Wu Xie leads a team down to the same place to explore a sunken ship where hidden dangers await.
-- Adapted from The Grave Robber’s Journal (盗墓笔记: 怒海潜沙) novel of the same name by Kennedy Xu.

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Also known as: 盗墓笔记II, 盗墓笔记第二季, The Lost Tomb II, Daomu Biji 2, Tomb Notes 2, The Lost Tomb Explore With The Note, The Lost Tomb 2: The Wrath of The Sea, 怒海潛沙 秦嶺神樹, 怒海潜沙&秦岭神树

Genres: ActionAdventureFriendshipMysteryYouthSupernatural

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