image of drama The Legends (2019) [CDRAMA]

The Legends (2019) [CDRAMA]

The story is based on the myths and legends associated with the origins of the Chinese civilisation and the earliest part of Chinese history under the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors. After Pangu split Heaven and Earth and Nüwa created humankind, the world has been facing a plague. The Flower Goddess (the Jade Emperor's younger sister) and Shennong travel around China in search of a cure. They eventually sow the seeds of Heaven on Earth, causing flowers to blossom throughout the land, thus saving humankind. The plot also integrates other stories from Chinese mythology, such as Nüwa repairing the sky and Houyi shooting down nine suns.

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Also known as: 遠古的傳說, Tales of the Past, Huaxia Yanyi, Chuanshuo, Romance of Huaxia, Tiannü Sanhua, Legends, The Celestial Lady Scatters Flowers,

Genres: HistoricalFantasy

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