image of drama The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016) [KDRAMA]

The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016) [KDRAMA]

SBS announced that on December 29, it will not be airing the drama’s 14th episode. Instead, a special feature that stitches together popular scenes from the first 13 episodes will be shown. Focusing on the relationship between Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho that transcends time, the special episode will be formatted like a director’s cut version of the drama.

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Also known as: Legend Of the Blue Sea Special Episode

Genres: HistoricalMysteryComedyRomanceFantasySupernatural

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The.Legend.of.the.Blue.Sea-The.Legend.Continues!.E00.161229.720p-NEXT.mp4 2 1.3GB
The.Legend.of.the.Blue.Sea.E01.161116.720p-NEXT.mp4 2 1.3GB
The.Legend.of.the.Blue.Sea.E01.Director's.Cut.161120.720p-NEXT.mp4 2 1.4GB
The.Legend.of.the.Blue.Sea.E02.161117.720p-NEXT.mp4 2 1.2GB
The.Legend.of.the.Blue.Sea.E02.Director's.Cut.161120.720p-NEXT.mp4 2 1.5GB
The.Legend.of.the.Blue.Sea.E03.161123.720p-NEXT.mp4 2 1.2GB
The.Legend.of.the.Blue.Sea.E04.161124.720p-NEXT.mp4 2 1.2GB
The.Legend.of.the.Blue.Sea.E05.161130.720p-NEXT.mp4 2 1.2GB
The.Legend.of.the.Blue.Sea.E06.161201.720p-NEXT.mp4 2 1.2GB
The.Legend.of.the.Blue.Sea.E07.161207.720p-NEXT.mp4 2 1.2GB
The.Legend.of.the.Blue.Sea.E08.161208.720p-NEXT.mp4 2 1.2GB
The.Legend.of.the.Blue.Sea.E09.161214.720p-NEXT.mp4 2 1.3GB
The.Legend.of.the.Blue.Sea.E10.161215.720p-NEXT.mp4 2 1.3GB
The.Legend.of.the.Blue.Sea.E11.161221.720p-NEXT.mp4 2 1.2GB
The.Legend.of.the.Blue.Sea.E12.161222.720p-NEXT.mp4 2 1.3GB
The.Legend.of.the.Blue.Sea.E13.161228.720p-NEXT.mp4 2 1.3GB
The.Legend.of.the.Blue.Sea.E14.170104.720p-NEXT.mp4 2 1.3GB
The.Legend.of.the.Blue.Sea.E15.170105.720p-NEXT.mp4 2 1.3GB
The.Legend.of.the.Blue.Sea.E16.170111.720p-NEXT.mp4 2 1.3GB
The.Legend.of.the.Blue.Sea.E17.170112.720p-NEXT.mp4 2 1.3GB
The.Legend.of.the.Blue.Sea.E18.170118.720p-NEXT.mp4 2 1.3GB
The.Legend.of.the.Blue.Sea.E19.170119.720p-NEXT.mp4 2 1.3GB
The.Legend.of.the.Blue.Sea.E20.END.170125.720p-NEXT.mp4 2 1.3GB
The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016) Complete 720p HDTV AAC x264-NEXT [English Subtitle].zip 2 395.6KB

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