image of drama The King Loves (2017) [KDRAMA]

The King Loves (2017) [KDRAMA]

Wang Won’s father is the king of Goryeo while his mother is the Yuan emperor’s daughter. He was born with many gifts as he has good looks, the wisdom of a snake, and a magnetic personality that draws people to him. But behind his gentle, virtuous demeanor, he has ambitions to conquer other lands. He has a faithful friend named Lin, who is a royal cousin and comrade with the same ambitions as he does. Then Wang Won has an encounter with a young woman named, San. San was someone that he recalled having met when he was a child and was lodged in his mind ever since. Wang Won sees how bright and confident San is and befriends her as well. But this friendship plants the seeds of tragedy. San’s beauty mesmerizes both Won and Lin and their seemingly strong bond start to fray over one woman…
(Source: MBC America)
~~ Adapted from the novel of the same name by Kim Yi Ryung.

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Also known as: Wangeun Saranghanda, The King is in Love, King Loves, The King Loves

Genres: HistoricalRomanceDramaMelodrama

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