image of drama The Good Witch (2018) [KDRAMA]

The Good Witch (2018) [KDRAMA]

A housewife too nice for her own good is married to an unemployed husband. She switches places with her selfish, opinionated twin sister, who works as a flight attendant. Although they are identical twins, they have polar opposite personalities. Aboard the plane, she meets the pilot, an abstinent bachelor, and their journey sets off.
(Source: SBS International)

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Also known as: Cheokhanmanyeojeon, Good Witch, The Good Witch, Chakhanmanyeojeon

Genres: ComedyRomanceDramaFamilyMelodrama

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The.Good.Witch.E15-E16.180324.1080p-NEXT.mp4 2 2.3GB
The.Good.Witch.E17-E18.180331.1080p-NEXT.mp4 2 2.1GB
The.Good.Witch.E19-E20.180331.1080p-NEXT.mp4 2 2.1GB
The.Good.Witch.E21-E22.180407.1080p-NEXT.mp4 2 2.2GB
The.Good.Witch.E23-E24.180407.1080p-NEXT.mp4 2 2GB
The.Good.Witch.E25-E26.180414.1080p-NEXT.mp4 2 2.1GB
The.Good.Witch.E27-E28.180414.1080p-NEXT.mp4 2 2GB
The.Good.Witch.E29-E30.180421.1080p-NEXT.mp4 2 1.9GB
The.Good.Witch.E31-E32.180421.1080p-NEXT.mp4 2 2.1GB
The.Good.Witch.E33-E34.180428.1080p-NEXT.mp4 2 2GB
The.Good.Witch.E35-E36.180428.1080p-NEXT.mp4 2 2GB
The.Good.Witch.E37-E38.180505.1080p-NEXT.mp4 2 1.9GB
The.Good.Witch.E39-E40.END.180505.1080p-NEXT.mp4 2 2.2GB
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