image of drama The Centimeter of love (2020) [CDRAMA]

The Centimeter of love (2020) [CDRAMA]

Doctor Xu Qing Feng of Yanxi Hospital and senior airline pilot Guan Yu Qing are both highly skilled and highly paid professionals who have to deal with a difficult home life. Their parents have unrealistic demands and put relentless pressure on them. Their way of escape is to work harder and longer hours so that they are away from home as much as possible. This all changed when they meet and fall in love. They realize then that they no longer have to face their problems as individuals but can tackle them together. This does not mean an easy journey to happiness as both families are against their relationship. Can their love and determination overcome the many obstacles placed before them?
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~~ Two versions available: 46 episodes (TV) | 44 episodes (DVD)

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Also known as: Love Centimeters, Ai De Limi, Ai De Li Mi, Ngoi Di Lei Mai, 愛的厘米

Genres: RomanceLifeDramaMedical

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