image of drama Sword Dynasty (2019) [CDRAMA]

Sword Dynasty (2019) [CDRAMA]

After Bashan Sword School was exterminated, the lucky survivor Ye Celeng stays with Prince Heng and seeks for other survivors, aiming to find a chance to kill Prince Heng and take revenge for his master. Later, news comes that Fantasy Masterwork is hidden in Yunlai Town. Prince Heng sends Ye Celeng to check it out under the supervision of Chen Xuan. Ye Celeng encounters her schoolmate Yun Shan by accident and keeps their acquaintance from Chen Xuan. Many martial art masters who come for Fantasy Masterwork are killed by the so-called blood demon. Fake Taoist Ji Chen and his master are saved by Ye Celeng when cheating others in the name of killing the demon. Falling in love with Ye Celeng and following her closely, Ji Chen helps Ye Celeng find out the truth of the demon unexpectedly.
(Source: iQIYI)

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Also known as: Sword Dynasty: The Treasure of Sword

Genres: 剑王朝之孤山剑藏

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