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Style 2009 [KDRAMA]

"Tokyo Story", a live-action adaptation of a manga by Rieko Saibara and the prequel of 2009's "Your Story", focuses on the trials and tribulations of Natsumi Takahara's life as she moved from Nishihara (a small town in the islands of Okinawa) to Tokyo to attend an art school and become an artist.
The comic-style story recalls events during the 1980s as she struggled with extreme poverty as an illustrator, her less than desirable part-time job as a mini-skirt barmaid/waitress in the sketchy Kabukicho district, and it also explores her abusive relationship with her loser pimp-like boyfriend, Ryosuke.

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Also known as: Jyokyo Monogatari, I Hate Tokyo

Genres: LifeManga

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