image of drama Story of a man [KDRAMA]

Story of a man [KDRAMA]

Sol Keo is a bad-looking man. But when he hears from his aunt that his mother held the sun in her dream of forthcoming conception, he admires the sun and mother. He devotes all of his passion in painting beautiful ladies. Since his bride is shocked to death at first night due to his ugly features, Sol Keo falls down in anguish and parts with his close friends such as a barmaid and a rich man's concubine Chun Shim. By the way he can not finish his work which he paints only a woman's body for 10 years because he can't describe the real beauty's expression. One day he meets a blind girl who opens her eyes miraculously. As she is dying, she touches his painting brush. Then a drop of ink splashes into his work and the ink is in the place of the beauty's eyes. So his painting of the beauty is finally completed.

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Also known as: A Story of A Crazy Painter: Kwanghwasa, Gwanghwasa, Kwanghwasa,

Genres: Drama

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