image of drama So Young (2016) [CDRAMA]

So Young (2016) [CDRAMA]

Chulsoo is a punk kid who always plays tricks on others. One day, while he is picking on somebody as usual, he meets Younghee, a new transfer student, who becomes his class partner. He starts to like her. Younghee is a precocious smart girl who lives with her grandmother alone. Her grandmother owns a flower shop and she helps her grandma by delivering flowers. Though Younghee looks lively, she misses her deceased parents at heart. Chulsoo decides to prepare something to please Younghee and begins to deliver newspapers.

Also known as: Chul Soo & Young Hee, Chulsoo Loves Younghee

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Youth, Fantasy

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So.Young.2016.E01.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1022.5MB
So.Young.2016.E02.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1018.6MB
So.Young.2016.E03.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1005.4MB
So.Young.2016.E04.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 996.3MB
So.Young.2016.E05.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1GB
So.Young.2016.E06.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1GB
So.Young.2016.E07.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1GB
So.Young.2016.E08.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1GB
So.Young.2016.E09.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1GB
So.Young.2016.E10.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1GB
So.Young.2016.E11.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1020.2MB
So.Young.2016.E12.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1GB
So.Young.2016.E13.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1GB
So.Young.2016.E14.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1009.4MB
So.Young.2016.E15.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1019MB
So.Young.2016.E16.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1020.3MB
So.Young.2016.E17.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1012.3MB
So.Young.2016.E18.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1018.7MB
So.Young.2016.E19.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1GB
So.Young.2016.E20.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1004.2MB
So.Young.2016.E21.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1012.9MB
So.Young.2016.E22.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1GB
So.Young.2016.E23.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1022.4MB
So.Young.2016.E24.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1017.4MB
So.Young.2016.E25.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1GB
So.Young.2016.E26.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1GB
So.Young.2016.E27.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1007.8MB
So.Young.2016.E28.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1016.7MB
So.Young.2016.E29.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1013.1MB
So.Young.2016.E30.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1017.7MB
So.Young.2016.E31.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1GB
So.Young.2016.E32.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1GB
So.Young.2016.E33.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1GB
So.Young.2016.E34.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1GB
So.Young.2016.E35.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1016.2MB
So.Young.2016.E36.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 966.4MB
So.Young.2016.E37.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1014.1MB
So.Young.2016.E38.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1GB
So.Young.2016.E39.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1008.3MB
So.Young.2016.E40.WEB-DL.1080p.H264.AAC.mp4 6 1008.2MB

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