image of drama Shiroi Kyoto (2019) [JDRAMA]

Shiroi Kyoto (2019) [JDRAMA]

Based on novel by Yamasaki Toyoko, screenplay by Habara Daisuke and directed by Tsuruhashi Yasuo. The era setting is changed from the Showa 30's to the year 2019.

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Also known as: White Tower, The Great White Tower

Genres: BusinessDramaMedicalPolitical

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image of drama Shiroi Kyoto [JDRAMA]

Shiroi Kyoto [JDRAMA]

An striking drama of the amazingly gifted surgeon Goro Zaizen, caught up by his desire for power and fame, and his contemporary surgeon Shuji Satomi, who selflessly continues a quest to save human lives.This serious drama depicts the lives of these...