image of drama Shin Kage No Gundan (2003) [JDRAMA]

Shin Kage No Gundan (2003) [JDRAMA]

Chiba played different ninja characters in each series. In the first series he played Hattori Hanzō III, in the second he played Tsuge Shinpachi, in the third he played Tarao Hanzō, and in the fourth series and in Bakumatsu Hen he played Hattori Hanzō XV. In the 2003 direct-to-DVD series Shin Kage no Gundan (New Shadow Warriors) he played Hattori Hanzō I.

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Also known as: Shadow Warriors, 服部半蔵・影の軍団, はっとりはんぞう かげのぐんだん

Genres: ActionHistorical

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