image of drama Shark [JDRAMA]

Shark [JDRAMA]

The five-member band Shark wants to change the world with their music and dreams of making their major debut. They struggle but continue to progress forward on what is certainly not an easy path. Because of their fellow members and their desire to succeed, they refuse to give up and begin to grow in popularity in the indie scene with their charismatic presence. As Shark is finally on the verge of debuting, however, tragedy falls upon them when their vocalist Kitagawa Kazuki dies in an accident. A year after his passing, Shark's popularity has slowly dwindled away as they struggle to fill the void that Kazuki left behind in both vocals and stage presence. Any hopes of making a major debut lies with the addition of a new vocalist. Then comes Kurata Mizuki, an arrogant, yet talented vocalist who has a similar stage presence as Kazuki when he was alive.

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Genres: MusicDrama

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