image of drama Seikimatsu no uta (1998) [JDRAMA]

Seikimatsu no uta (1998) [JDRAMA]

Just when about to commit suicide after being deserted by his bride-to-be during the wedding, a man meets a university professor who is also at the point of killing himself. A woman nearby intervenes, one thing leads to another, and the three lost souls move in together. Each episode is a distinct story about the sometimes painful, sometimes warm romances between them and the people they meet while sharing an apartment. (Source: NTV)

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Also known as: The Last Song

Genres: Drama

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Files Server Size
世紀末の詩 E01 -ARiN.ts 2 4.1GB
世紀末の詩 E02 -ARiN.ts 2 2.2GB
世紀末の詩 E03 -ARiN.ts 2 2.1GB
世紀末の詩 E04 -ARiN.ts 2 2.4GB
世紀末の詩 E05 -ARiN.ts 2 2.1GB
世紀末の詩 E06 -ARiN.ts 2 2.5GB
世紀末の詩 E07 -ARiN.ts 2 2.6GB
世紀末の詩 E08 -ARiN.ts 2 2.7GB
世紀末の詩 E09 -ARiN.ts 2 2.2GB
世紀末の詩 E10 -ARiN.ts 2 2.4GB
世紀末の詩 Ep11(End) -ARiN.ts 2 4.7GB

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