image of drama Sayonara Midori-chan [JDRAMA]

Sayonara Midori-chan [JDRAMA]

Naïve office girl Yuko supports her blithe big city lifestyle with a part-time job at a neighbourhood café. Attracted to her manager there, the shallow but charming Yutaka, she willingly succumbs to his lascivious advances only to discover afterwards that he already has a girlfriend by the name of Midori. Even so, Yuko’s feelings for Yutaka continue to grow regardless of his aloofness. Before long she finds herself reluctantly cajoled into working as a hostess in a small karaoke bar. Fatalistically accepting his dalliances with flames old and new, she perseveres not so much in hope of a more substantial relationship, but rather out of fear of losing him. There are other men out there waiting for her — kinder, more considerate and eagerly available. But for Yuko, there is only the non-committal, yet torridly magnetic Yutaka. Why him? Not even Yuko seems to know the answer...

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Also known as: Sayonara Midori-chan

Genres: PsychologicalRomanceDramaTragedyMature

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