image of drama Saulabi (2002) [JDRAMA]

Saulabi (2002) [JDRAMA]

In 598 A.D., King Wideok of Baekje dynasty has passed away. Inside the palace, the loyal Saulabis (Warriors) all commit self-disembowelment and the ministers all take poison… 450 years later, 17 warriors travel to Japan in the hopes of reviving the Baekje dynasty. But they are attacked by Japanese samurais and only Koh Dong Yeon and Hwang Chung Hyun survive with the ancient writings of creating the Sword of the Gods. When Koh Dong Yeon refuses to continue working on the Sword after falling in love with a shaman priestess, Hwang Chung Hyun slays both of them. As she dies, the cry of infant Koh Wu Do is heard…30 years later, Wu Do seeks out Kanemaru, the master of swords, in hopes of creating the Sword of the Gods. He becomes enamored with Osame who is bequeathed to Ando, the lord of Hosogawa castle. Osame also becomes captivated by Wu Do's incredible swordsmanship. They soon fall in love… They run away together but are soon caught by Ando. Wu Do is defeated by Ando in a sword fight where his master Hwang Chung Hyun's life is at stake…

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Also known as: Ssaurabi,

Genres: ActionDramaMartial Arts

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