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Ruri no Shima [JDRAMA]

On Hatomi, a small island in Okinawa state part of Japan′s southern sea frontier, the social environment is suffering. With the last student of the elementary school leaving the place, the closing of the school is a virtual given.
Mr. Nakama decides to do something about it and heads for Tokyo to recruit his grandson. Rebuffed by his daughter, however, he decides to adopt another child. He finds Ruri, a mature girl of 11 who distrusts people due to the fact that her mother doesn′t care much about her, but after seeing Mr. Nakama′s true intentions, allows him to take her to the island. Unfortunately, the local teacher, Ms. Sanae, who was banking on the school′s closing to be able to go somewhere else, is resentful of Ruri and makes light of her city fashion (including permed hair, fake curls, and miniskirts), which leads to a big showdown between her and Ruri and the people who were enthusiastic about her suddenly begin to have their doubts, and only Mr. Nakama and his wife Megumi take Ruri′s side strongly.
Following into the island is Mr. Kawashima, a mysterious man who saves Ruri from drowning following the fight and who becomes her conscience and friend in her daily life in the island. But is Kawashima what he seems? Or did he come to the island to run away from Tokyo and possibly a crime he may have been involved in there?
Katsumura and Nishiyama play a local married couple of neighbors, Kashu and Igawa a local unmarried couple of neighbors, all of them willing to help Ruri in their own way.
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Also known as: Ruri′s Island

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