image of drama Road Number One 2010 [KDRAMA]

Road Number One 2010 [KDRAMA]

A woman is guided through a post-apocalyptic nation by a stranger who may have supernatural powers in this sci-fi influenced drama from South Korean filmmaker Jo Sung-Hee. Soon-young is expecting a baby and wants to pay a visit to her mother, so she catches a cab from her home in Seoul. En route, the driver stops to pick up a hitch-hiker who is more than a bit unusual - he knows things about Soon-young and the driver that a stranger shouldn't know, and he tells them a global catastrophe is imminent. Minutes later, the global electrical grid has collapsed, cell phones no longer function, the hitcher has vanished and the word begins to devolve into a state of primitive savagery. Soon-young and the driver try to make their way through the newly unforgiving landscape, searching for an outpost that should be just up the road but seems to keep moving further away. En route, they're joined by a number of unpleasant strangers and Soon-young begins receiving messages from the hitchhiker who predicted it all. End Of Animal was an official selection at the 2010 BFI London Film Festival.

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Also known as: Jimseungwei Ggeut

Genres: ThrillerMysterySci-FiFantasy

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