image of drama Reset (2022) [CDRAMA]

Reset (2022) [CDRAMA]

An unexplainable phenomena finds college-going student, Li Shi Qing, trapped in a never-ending time loop where she is always stuck on a public service bus which is due to explode, bringing death & destruction to not only herself but to all on board.
Desperate to find a way to escape not only the time loop but her tragic fate, Shi Qing inadvertently drags fellow bus passenger Xiao He Yun into the time loop as well. Together they try to find a way to alter their fate by ensuring the bus arrives safely at its destination, but attempting to do so proves anything but easy.
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~~ Adapted from the novel "Kai Duan" (开端) by Qi Dao Jun (祈祷君).

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Also known as: 開端, Reset, Kai Duan

Genres: ThrillerMysterySci-Fi

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Reset.E03.2022.Netflix.WEB-DL.1080p.x264.DDP-HDCTV.mkv 3 1.8GB
Reset.E04.2022.Netflix.WEB-DL.1080p.x264.DDP-HDCTV.mkv 3 1.8GB
Reset.E05.2022.Netflix.WEB-DL.1080p.x264.DDP-HDCTV.mkv 3 1.8GB
Reset.E06.2022.Netflix.WEB-DL.1080p.x264.DDP-HDCTV.mkv 3 1.6GB
Reset.E07.2022.Netflix.WEB-DL.1080p.x264.DDP-HDCTV.mkv 3 2GB
Reset.E08.2022.Netflix.WEB-DL.1080p.x264.DDP-HDCTV.mkv 3 1.6GB
Reset.E09.2022.Netflix.WEB-DL.1080p.x264.DDP-HDCTV.mkv 3 1.8GB
Reset.E10.2022.Netflix.WEB-DL.1080p.x264.DDP-HDCTV.mkv 3 1.8GB
Reset.E11.2022.Netflix.WEB-DL.1080p.x264.DDP-HDCTV.mkv 3 2GB
Reset.E12.2022.Netflix.WEB-DL.1080p.x264.DDP-HDCTV.mkv 3 1.9GB
Reset.E13.2022.Netflix.WEB-DL.1080p.x264.DDP-HDCTV.mkv 3 1.7GB
Reset.E14.2022.Netflix.WEB-DL.1080p.x264.DDP-HDCTV.mkv 3 1.7GB
Reset.E15.2022.Netflix.WEB-DL.1080p.x264.DDP-HDCTV.mkv 3 2.2GB

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